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VOIEBIZ is a Dubai based web design agency specialized in custom made creative solution. Our skills and experience will help us deliver the right tailored made web solutions for you based on your own requirements, expectations and budget.

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We Create Pixel Perfect Responsive Website

We are VOIEBIZ located in Dubai. VOIEBIZ is a Web Design and Development Agency specialized in custom made creative solution. We offer services such as Custom Made Websites, Mobile App Development, CMS Websites, e-Commerce Websites, Digital Marketing, Social Media Marketing and Search Engine Optimization.

Web Development

In this aspect, the web development company has made a prominent mark, in the world market. VOIEBIZ house the most talented designers and developers to offer their customers with the most interesting and innovative web solutions. Apart from extensive ecommerce portal development service, we also offer unique web application development services as per the specific requirements of the clients.

Internet Marketing

The Internet is a powerful medium to advertise and promote your business and sell products and services. Every day, more than 85% of Internet users scour the search engines to find businesses like yours, and unless your website features prominently in major players like Google, Yahoo and MSN, you will lose potential customers to competitors. At VOIEBIZ, we work to achieve high visibility for your website through effective Internet Marketing and Promotion. We can help your business achieve good web standing and assist in reeking in the profits.

Client Support

Be it any confusion or question, we are always there to help our clients. We focus the most in providing the best service even after the project has been hand-over to our clients. Our support team is always available for the service of our existing and new clients. We handle all the queries and support professionally as well as personally.

How We Work

First of all our technically & operationally experienced project manager and project expertise understands your projects requirements and makes a road map of the projects that needs for your business. Every project at VoieBiz is special. We look, understand and develop very carefully to give maximum return of your investment. We provide premium web solutions in the fields of logo design, template design, web design & development, ecommerce development, search engine optimization, social media optimization and web marketing.


We don't just create websites we craft your website, we always work hard in our designing phase of the website, where you can expect clean UI, fresh and innovative designs, which makes your business delivered. We always design the website not just the users know about you but we design in such a way even the search engine understands it.


Whatever you need in web development field we can give you the exact solution for our innovative web development team. VOIEBIZ is really proud of its highly qualified and technically skilled web designers, web developer, PHP developer, open source developer, SEO expert & support team.


Depending on the needs and requirements of the client, we conduct a creative study of the project that helps us to design and develop the exact website or application which our client has in mind. We always focus on creativity that also is user-friendly and SEO friendly.


There will always be elements in a project that can be further tested and improved upon. We like conducting tests to find out and further improve your website as time goes on. After the website has launched our online marketing team will execute a long term strategy that will bring you qualified customers at a high return on investment.


We Are Here For You

Our Agency's approach to understanding your goals and objectives translates into conceptualizing a strategy and drawing methodologies and assembling expertise to work on and develop websites keeping your intended market and user experience in view. This helps us to provide you the best digital service and custom made solutions for you.

Custom Made

At VOIEBIZ, we understand the need to develop well-conceived and planned websites that will be an integral constituent of your company's identification, image and communication structure. Our company's approach to understanding your goals and objectives translates into conceptualizing a strategy and drawing methodologies and assembling expertise to work on and develop websites keeping your intended market and user experience in view. We employ creative conception and brand sensitivity, technical skill and interactive architecture design to deliver websites that are attractive, easy to navigate and includes an intuitive layout and interface which operates with logical ease.


VOIEBIZ develops and designs for the most prolific mobile platforms, including the Apple iOS and Android. For each app or mobile-friendly website, we go through an intensive planning process, which focuses on the needs of the user and ensures that their mobile experience will be conducive to achieving your business objectives. The decision to go with a native app, responsive design or a mobile web app really depends on several factors including business objectives, technical requirements, budgets and who you're trying to reach. Our mobile app development process includes not only the design and development of applications, but also a consultative front-end, and a back-end of maintenance and support.


The developments in the web world are really quick, and all of these developments are aimed towards making things even easier for the web users including the website owners as well as the consumers. In this arena of advanced web technologies WordPress is a latest Content Management System (CMS) which offers great flexibility to the website owners thus helping them to present their websites in a more attractive way. Our pixel perfect and perfectly coded CMS Web development services will allow you to do a number of things like adding imagines, changing colours, and updating content with your least possible effort.


E-Commerce Website has been the lifeline of modern businesses for achieving their business goals. An online store allows buyers to buy their desired products easily across the globe without leaving the cosy comfort zone of their dream homes. To maximize your profit and minimize your carrying costs, we offer efficacious, effectual and effective ecommerce web design, plug-in installation and module development services at the most competitive prices. Our e-commerce web development services have been designed for both SMEs and corporate giants.


At VOIEBIZ, we work to achieve high visibility for your website through effective Internet Marketing and Promotion. Our techniques include SEO and additional online marketing tools like PPC for advertising on niche keywords, Interactive Advertising that includes banner ads, Flash presentations and other media, E-Mail Marketing through email and online newsletter campaigns to build relationship marketing, Blogs for regular updating of fresh content relevant to site, etc.

Social Media

Social Media Optimization (SMO) is one of the powerful ways of generating traffic and popularity for a website through social networks, blogging, RSS feeds, Digg, Facebook, Twitter and many other social networking websites. Our SMO Specialist helps to improve your Business web presence, market your products and services through online social networks or social media optimization. Keeping in mind your target audience and future growth potential ,our team of highly talented and efficiently trained graphic designers use the latest design techniques to create a web presence that furnish end to end solution for all your business.

Search Engine

The importance of a perfect web presence in this competitive market is evident to everyone, and unless your website has got a proper ranking in the most popular search engines, you can never make that right impression on your customers. Our team of expert professionals are there to see that your website is listed in the main search engines like Google, Bing, etc. whenever there is a relevant search involving your business. Our professional SEO Expert will optimize your website from scratch, make it search engine friendly website or blog and enable it with the needed tools that will list your website to stay many steps ahead of your competitors in the search engine's search result.

Design, Development & Marketing
Strategic Digital Solutions


Our Process

We Make Our Customers Happy

It is our commitment to building website technologies that helps us to remain on top of the ever-evolving web technologies. This is because of the sophisticated process framework we adopt for every website development.


Our first stage is Strategize - Requirement Analysis which involves analysis of present systems, identifying and demarcation of system context, building Conceptual Data Model, a Conceptual Process Model. Via a prototype we build Basic System, Basic System Concepts and work as per a System Requirement Specifications Document.


This stage is followed by the High Level Design level where a detailed analysis of the problem domain is conducted allowing for quick establishment of robust architecture. A complete project plan development will help in minimizing risk elements.


This is followed by the Coding phase where all components are integrated and feature testing commences. We use perfect coding techniques which makes the project SEO friendly and easy to handle in future.


After the Design and Coding parts are done, we go ahead in testing the entire project step by step and when all the tests are successfully done, we deploy the project and make it live.


After the website is live on server, we are not done. We help design and develop every aspect of your website, even host your site and perform varied SEO and e-marketing services that will render your site prominence and increase its profitability.


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